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Raabin Health Database


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The more complex the world becomes, the more difficult it is to complete something without the cooperation with others
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Despite the developments of the medical sciences and also modern technologies, the World Health System is confronted with several challenges. The condition resulted from Coronavirus Pandemic in all around the world might be an affirmation of the mentioned fact. However, plenty of these problems are not specified to Iran’s community. Apart from having responsibility, what role the politicians, authorities, experts, and academic communities can play? One of the first requirements of engineering professionals, especially in medical appliance manufacturing, is accessing medical data. This information wealth can link the knowledge and skills of the medical professionals to the technical-engineering scientists such as artificial intelligence, robotic, blockchain, etc. The outcome of this synergy is the improvement in the health system and the creation of wealth for the specialists. That said, Raabin health database attempts to widely provide various kinds of data in the health domain for the access of all scientists. Due to the expansion of the plan, we are trying to develop the project by having cooperation with researchers all around the world. Accordingly, we call upon all the medical professionals from clinical and basic science specialists to experts and all the individuals interested in the technical-engineering domains such as artificial intelligence, robotic, etc. to cooperate with each other in dedicating a better world to future generations.

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